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Internet Explorer Terminal Services TS Remote Desktop Add On Prompted to enable but not in the list issue Windows XP SP3


One of our colleague got a new Dell Latitude laptop and when he was trying to remote desktop i.e. remotely login to his work pc, he was getting a message in Internet Explorer saying You need to enable the add-on or Active X control needs to be installed.

Step 1. If the Active X control is not installed, please go ahead and install it.

Step 2. If you are still not able to access remote desktop and get message saying enable the add-on, you would have to download XP SP3, extract the files and run the following 2 files

Tscdsbl.bat Tscuinst.vbs

That fixed the problem for me.

Hope this helps.

How to write CFID and CFTOKEN as per-session cookies

Nice Article from Adobe highlighting CFID & CFTOKEN, and How to write CFID and CFTOKEN as per-session cookies. Worth Reading.