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Ben Forta's trip - ACFUG group meeting - Coldfusion 8 or code name Scorpio


Yesterday i.e. May 17th 2007 I attended the Scorpio road tour hosted by none other than Mr. Ben Forta. It was a great presentation and He made it lively with his comments and answers to some of the questions people had during the session. Overall the meeting was great and it was a good experience to meet someone who is the brains behind Coldfusion. It looks like CF 8 would be released in Mid of this year i.e. maybe around Aug or Sept.

For the technical side, Ben showed some cool stuff with the code and some new features that have been added in ColdFusion 8. Some enhancements which are worth mentioning are 1)ability to use Ajax for better applications2)nice pdf features like merging etc3)ability to control administrator with different access levels4)threading5)new text area box … I love this one…. So for example, you don’t have to type html like <p>ajas</p> etc. The text area box will have icons on the top just like how you have it in MS word or even Ou…

Windows Drive Letter Issues with USB Drive. USB drive not shown in My Computer

One of the very common problems faced by users is that if you use more than one usb drive, then chances are one of them might not be listed when you open MY Computer. To solve this issue, Right click My Computer, Select Manage, and Under Storage, Select Disk Management. Now from here you can change the Drive Letter and assign a new one or just go to Address bar of Windows explorer and type in the drive letter shown next to the USB Drive which is not listed in My Computer. In my case, I had F: drive assigned for USB and then I attached external hard drive which took the F: drive letter making my USB drive not listed in My computer. I did steps mentioned above and found that infact its using G: as drive letter. Type G: in windows explorer and I could view the files on my USB drive.

I hope it helps someone.