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My Dell Latitude D820 images view from all angles

Dell Latitude D820 Images from all possible angles. Plus Latitude D820 comparision with Latitude D600 in my office. D820 is on Right hand side. I have noticed and everyone in office that my screen is not bright when compared to the 3 yr old D600 or my old Inspiron 5100. My Latitude D820 came with Samsung screen.

Back View :

Dell Latitude D820 screen WUXGA looks dull and images are blurred/grainy/fuzzy.

I brought New Dell Latitude D820 and the screen looks dull to me at full brightness. I have WUXGA @
1920 * 1200 resolution. I have tried all dpi i.e 120 / 135 / 150 and the quality is the same. Here are some snapshots :

First image, look at the color of the clock for google home page with IE browser.

Compare it against FF view

Desktop Icons on D820 also look fuzzy

Snapshot from my work PC on Dell 22" monitor with resolution
1680 * 1050

 site looks messed up in D820

Same site on my work pc

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Testing new Blogger

Hello, Finally I get chance to add labels to my post. Now I will have different posts in different categories.

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