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Snip-A-Thon 2007! Contest to win CF Prizes from

Snip-A-Thon 2007!

Welcome to Snip-A-Thon 2007!! The purpose of this contest is to encourage snippet submission by registered users, increase the registered user base and promote the overall concept and usage of

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So you want to start your Green Card process? ;-)

I will outline here, the works that needs to completed from start to finish in the Green Card Process.

The very first step in the process is to place an ad in the newspapers about the position you are currently working on. I know it sounds little strange but thats how it is. This is usually done by attorneys and your HR plays a big role in it.

Once the ad part is done, the attorney files for the labor application. This takes anywhere from 2-3 months for approval. If your labor is denied, your application dies there and you have to start over the whole process again.

I. Documents for labor application.

1) All status documents i.e. if you are on H1B, then all I-797 documents are required.
2)All experience letters from past employers. Some attorneys ask for originals. Any other experience letter supporting the newspaper AD might be required as well. This could be from your employer, professor etc. The idea is to support the ad indicating you have the required experience to perform the job.

All black pics from 2001


MurthyDotCom : International Travel Tip, Marriage before GC Approval , Benefits of I 485

Green Card - Adjustment of Status (I-485) Process | International Center | University of Michigan

Port Opening and Forwarding on Windows XP - hacker not cracker

Motorola Q and Toshiba Bluetooth on Dell Latitude D820

Toshiba BT COM ports

Registry fix for Serial Port Setting under hkeylocalmachine--
software--Microsoft--Windows CE Services

Ben Forta's trip - ACFUG group meeting - Coldfusion 8 or code name Scorpio


Yesterday i.e. May 17th 2007 I attended the Scorpio road tour hosted by none other than Mr. Ben Forta. It was a great presentation and He made it lively with his comments and answers to some of the questions people had during the session. Overall the meeting was great and it was a good experience to meet someone who is the brains behind Coldfusion. It looks like CF 8 would be released in Mid of this year i.e. maybe around Aug or Sept.

For the technical side, Ben showed some cool stuff with the code and some new features that have been added in ColdFusion 8. Some enhancements which are worth mentioning are 1)ability to use Ajax for better applications2)nice pdf features like merging etc3)ability to control administrator with different access levels4)threading5)new text area box … I love this one…. So for example, you don’t have to type html like <p>ajas</p> etc. The text area box will have icons on the top just like how you have it in MS word or even Ou…

Windows Drive Letter Issues with USB Drive. USB drive not shown in My Computer

One of the very common problems faced by users is that if you use more than one usb drive, then chances are one of them might not be listed when you open MY Computer. To solve this issue, Right click My Computer, Select Manage, and Under Storage, Select Disk Management. Now from here you can change the Drive Letter and assign a new one or just go to Address bar of Windows explorer and type in the drive letter shown next to the USB Drive which is not listed in My Computer. In my case, I had F: drive assigned for USB and then I attached external hard drive which took the F: drive letter making my USB drive not listed in My computer. I did steps mentioned above and found that infact its using G: as drive letter. Type G: in windows explorer and I could view the files on my USB drive.

I hope it helps someone.

Bugzilla - Multiple projects - Instances of Bugzilla - Database

This post has some of the best results I found for configuring bugzilla to support multiple projects. Remember, bugzilla already supports multiple projects but what we were trying to do was 1) find out if we need different instances of bugzilla for isolation/seperation? 2) do we need seperate dbs instead of the default bugs db ?

Some of the helpful links :

Google search bugzilla multiple projects

Multiple installations on the same server

Google groups multiple projects

Groups Multiple projects on bugzilla

Groups : Isolate products by group?

Multiple databases through a single Bugzilla installation

Powered by ScribeFire.

ColdFusion - Webservice & Java Interaction

Bugzilla Schema for Version 2.22

Bugzilla Schema for Version 2.22

This schema is a good reference for all the tables/objects maintained by bugzilla.

Using Query of Queries with non-SQL record sets

My Dell Latitude D820 images view from all angles

Dell Latitude D820 Images from all possible angles. Plus Latitude D820 comparision with Latitude D600 in my office. D820 is on Right hand side. I have noticed and everyone in office that my screen is not bright when compared to the 3 yr old D600 or my old Inspiron 5100. My Latitude D820 came with Samsung screen.

Back View :

Dell Latitude D820 screen WUXGA looks dull and images are blurred/grainy/fuzzy.

I brought New Dell Latitude D820 and the screen looks dull to me at full brightness. I have WUXGA @
1920 * 1200 resolution. I have tried all dpi i.e 120 / 135 / 150 and the quality is the same. Here are some snapshots :

First image, look at the color of the clock for google home page with IE browser.

Compare it against FF view

Desktop Icons on D820 also look fuzzy

Snapshot from my work PC on Dell 22" monitor with resolution
1680 * 1050

 site looks messed up in D820

Same site on my work pc

Accessing DTS Packages SQL Server 2000 from ColdFusion & ASP

Testing new Blogger

Hello, Finally I get chance to add labels to my post. Now I will have different posts in different categories.

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code - Joel on Software

Adam Howitt - Use eclipse, ant and cfcompile.bat to precompile your code

Subversion, TortoiseSVN, SVN, SVN for Dreamweaver Information

I use Subversion with TortoiseSVN which is a Windows like interface for performing all the subversion commands. My environment is like this :
Dreamweaver & Eclipse for development i.e locally, TortoiseSVN installed locally and subversion is in on the server machine where the code resides lets say Dev machine.

I am using TortoiseSVN 1.3.2, Build 5840 - 32 Bit for Subversion 1.3.0. I dont know if you were asking for SVN for Dreamweaver which is a plugin which gives the functionality to use subversion commands from Dreamweaver. Clarify this since SVN, Subversion, SVN for Dreamweaver can get confusing sometimes.

Helpful links:
If you are familiar with subversion and new to installation of Subversion and/or TortoiseSVN, I would definitely recommend this site

Personally, I didnt like the SVN for Dreamweaver because it didnt look very professional to me. I mean ease of use and functionality wise. I love TortoiseSVN a lot and it w…

Ajas blog on myspace

MS SQL Server interview questions | | « Interview questions for tech companies

How to lose that Mysterious Gap under images | Gary Turner's html & css playpen

How to lose that Mysterious Gap under images | Gary Turner's html & css playpen,_Tables,_and_Mysterious_Gaps - Coldfusion MoFo

CSS + CFMail - Aarrgghh!!

CSS + CFMail - Aarrgghh!!: "

[content goes here.]

Setting Mappings on a ColdFusion Site

Veerle's blog | A CSS styled table

50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006 | Smashing Magazine

Web Developer's Handbook | CSS, Web Development, Color Tools, SEO, Usability etc.

SimpleBits ~ Been There, Done That

Macromedia - Developer Center : Using Java and J2EE Elements in ColdFusion MX Applications

Macromedia - Developer Center : Clustering ColdFusion MX for J2EE for JRun

Photoshop tutorials, tips and tricks | | Adobe Photoshop