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Java Keytool Export Private Key, PKCS#12 or .p12 export or conversion from java keystore

So, I had to create a PKCS#12 type or .p12 extension certificate from a java keystore which was created using java keytool. FYI, I have jdk 1.4.2. I came to know that using keytool you cannot export the private key.

I tried various options available in keytool i.e. create a keystore of type PKCS#12 to begin with instead of the default JKS (java keystore). -storetype PKCS12.

All this didnt work and on further search on google, I came across 2 free products which can help you a lot in terms of handling the keystore, generate keystore, export private key and so on.

You can download these free products from here.

The tools are portecle-1.5

KeyTool IUI – GUI

For my needs, i.e. generate a PKCS#12 certificate from an existing java keystore, portecle-1.5 worked just fine and it was very easy to use.

I also tried the KeyTool IUI – GUI just for testing the tool and it helped me to export the private k…

Good stuff on Normal forms

SQL Server Index Articles

Here are some good articles on SQL Server Indexes.

SQL Server Indexes: The Basics

SQL Server Indexing Basics

SQL Server Indexes

How to Use SQL Server Group By

I found this great article on SQLTeam which shows How to Use GROUP BY in SQL Server

Very good step by step guide.

SQL Server Exists Not Exists dont work with min max Aggregate functions

In my last post, I mentioned how @@ROWCOUNT gets affected when MIN, MAX i.e. aggregate functions are used.

Today, I had similar issues while using EXISTS and NOT EXISTS. I was using NOT EXISTS and records were showing up when really it should have removed the results.

select col1 from tbl1 where not exists (select min(something) from tbl2 where tbl2.col9 = tbl1.col2)

select col1 from tbl1 where not exists (select distinct something from tbl2 where tbl2.col9 = tbl1.col2)

Hope this helps.