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So you want to start your Green Card process? ;-)

I will outline here, the works that needs to completed from start to finish in the Green Card Process.

The very first step in the process is to place an ad in the newspapers about the position you are currently working on. I know it sounds little strange but thats how it is. This is usually done by attorneys and your HR plays a big role in it.

Once the ad part is done, the attorney files for the labor application. This takes anywhere from 2-3 months for approval. If your labor is denied, your application dies there and you have to start over the whole process again.

I. Documents for labor application.

1) All status documents i.e. if you are on H1B, then all I-797 documents are required.
2)All experience letters from past employers. Some attorneys ask for originals. Any other experience letter supporting the newspaper AD might be required as well. This could be from your employer, professor etc. The idea is to support the ad indicating you have the required experience to perform the job.