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Windows XP Utilities - Dual Monitor, Dual Taskbar, ClearType font.

If you like to be power user, then you will love these free utilities for Windows XP.

The cleartype font utility makes the appearance of text crisp on your monitor. It can be downloaded for free from microsoft here

There is a another free utility which allows you to have 2 taskbar in Windows XP. The link for download is here

I am very happy with the use cleartype font utility. It changes the appearance of text 200%. No kidding about that.

You could also have 2 different wallpapers on the monitors with this utility . I have not tried this one, just to let you know ;-).

Good Luck.

Moving Bookmarks only --- backup of bookmarks in Firefox

In Windows XP, Firefox profile folder is located at "%APPDATA%\Mozilla\". Firefox saves backup copy of your bookmarks in the "%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\sometext.default\bookmarkbackups" folder. So all you have to do is in your new FF instance, go to the profiles\sometext.default folder, and replace the old bookmarks.html file with the one you are copying over.

Thats all to it. Within a minute you can have your bookmarks in the new FF instance. This is the manual way of doing it. FF has import wizard which will do the same for you. I found this method since I was working on 2 machines and I just wanted to take bookmarks on new machine without any extensions.


Making text bold in Adobe Acrobat

If you want to make a text bold in Adobe Acrobat, you will have to

1. first select Advanced Editing Toolbar.

2. In advanced edit toolbar, select TouchUp Text tool.

3. Then select the text you want to make bold, right click, and select properties.

4. Under Text tab, you will find Font option.

5. Select Font option and you will see Bold option for the font that is being used. For example, if selected text is font type Verdana, then under Fonts option, you should see a Verdana Bold option. If you do not see respective Bold Font, then you would have to pick a font that supports Bold Option.

I know, its unlike Word but atleast we know the way now how to do make text bold in Adobe Acrobat.

Dreamweaver 8 Export Import Multiple Site Definitions in less than 5 minutes.

Exporting or Importing Site Definitions in Dreamweaver is important if you have a lot of sites and if you want to setup new environment. This tutorial will help you get it done in less than 5 minutes.

Open Dreamweaver, Go to Site Menu, Select Manage Sites option. You will see the list of sites you have configured in your DreamWeaver editor. Select the site which you want to export the site definition of, and select the button Export from list of options. It will ask you to save the site definition as a nameoffile.ste file. Save it at a convenient location.

For importing, do the same steps as above, except that you will select IMPORT button instead of export button. Select the location of *.ste file and you will have site definition setup in your new environment.

Tips & Tricks : Lot of people want multiple sites to be imported and the trick for this is that when you are exporting, hold the CNTL key and select all the sitesyou want or need in new environment. Hit export button and Drea…