So you want to start your Green Card process? ;-)

I will outline here, the works that needs to completed from start to finish in the Green Card Process.

The very first step in the process is to place an ad in the newspapers about the position you are currently working on. I know it sounds little strange but thats how it is. This is usually done by attorneys and your HR plays a big role in it.

Once the ad part is done, the attorney files for the labor application. This takes anywhere from 2-3 months for approval. If your labor is denied, your application dies there and you have to start over the whole process again.

I. Documents for labor application.

1) All status documents i.e. if you are on H1B, then all I-797 documents are required.
2)All experience letters from past employers. Some attorneys ask for originals. Any other experience letter supporting the newspaper AD might be required as well. This could be from your employer, professor etc. The idea is to support the ad indicating you have the required experience to perform the job.
3)Degree certificates, transcripts etc

Once the labor application is approved, you can file for I-140 stage which is the 2nd step towards Green Card Process.

II. Documents for I-140 application.

ETA750B is required for this stage. This form has entries for your work experience, your education and so on. Again, the work history which you mention here should match exactly with the newspaper Ad. The attorneys are very particular about this and they will inform you as to what is missing. Atleast, the good attorneys will do this, I am not sure about others.

The I-140 application could be filed with premium processing or regular processing. With premium processing you can get the result in about 2 weeks. You can also file your third step along with the the I-140 application as per the new rule.

III. Documents for 3rd step/adjustment of status application.

The 3rd stage i.e. adjustment of status can be filed with the 2 optional add ons i.e. Work Authorization aka EAD and Travel Document aka Advance Parole. Since it might take long for 3rd stage to complete, many people prefer to file EAD & Advance Parole with there adjustment of status application.

If you are married then you need to provide documents for your wife also.

Please begin collecting the following documentation for both you and your wife. These will be required for submission with your adjustment application package:

1. Birth certificates (translation required if not in English). The birth certificate must bear the names of both parents. If you dont have birth certificate, then you need to provide 2 affidavits and 1 non availability certificate from local muncipal office or govt office.

2. Marriage Certificate.

3. Divorce Decrees.

4. Military Records.

5. Photographs (6 required ). This can be taken at walmart or walgreens. Usually done in 1 hr service.

6. Maintenance of status docuemnts for entire period in the United States, including Form I-797 Notices of Action, Form I-20, old EAD cards , etc.

7. Complete copies of all passports in your possession – current and expired – including all blank pages.

8. You will need to undergo a medical examination by a USCIS designated physician. Lists of physicians for your area can be found at

As part of the medical examination, you will need evidence of certain vaccinations as per the attached list. Please review the CDC medical update as well. Please check with your physician regarding vaccinations exemptions that may be applicable. This might cost around 300 to 400 dollars depending on what kind of vaccinations you need.


Form I-485, G-325A, I-765 and I-131. Along with these forms, you have to provide G28 which is basically giving authorization to your attorney to represent you.

I will keep on updating this post as more information is available to me.

All the best in your process.



Azeem said…
Assalamu Alaikum Ajas Bhai

This is Azeem from UHCL(kashif bhai's batch). I hope you remember me. Looks like you have spent decent amount of time outlining the Greencard process. It is very clear and concise.
Remember in your duas.
Ajas Mohammed said…
Wsalam Azeem bhai,

Yes, I remember you. I had posted this green stuff because it was fresh in my mind and I know everyone wants to know the different steps and how to get started and things like that. So I thought I will post it on my blog so everyone can benefit from it.

Ajas Mohammed.
A H Khan said…
salaam alaikum Ajas bhai,
Alhamdulillah very helpful post. don't know when it will come to use though :)

-Hafeez - your 10 day roommate in Fall 2005 :)

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