Ben Forta's trip - ACFUG group meeting - Coldfusion 8 or code name Scorpio


Yesterday i.e. May 17th 2007 I attended the Scorpio road tour hosted by none other than Mr. Ben Forta. It was a great presentation and He made it lively with his comments and answers to some of the questions people had during the session. Overall the meeting was great and it was a good experience to meet someone who is the brains behind Coldfusion. It looks like CF 8 would be released in Mid of this year i.e. maybe around Aug or Sept.

For the technical side, Ben showed some cool stuff with the code and some new features that have been added in ColdFusion 8. Some enhancements which are worth mentioning are

1)ability to use Ajax for better applications

2) nice pdf features like merging etc

3) ability to control administrator with different access levels

4) threading

5) new text area box … I love this one…. So for example, you don’t have to type html like <p>ajas</p> etc. The text area box will have icons on the top just like how you have it in MS word or even Outlook to make text italics,bold or whatever you want without you having to know html.

6) Nice grid control with tabs

7) You can have popups which are not exactly popups in the sense that it would show on the screen but browsers wont hide them as they hide popups. That’s a very nice feature.

8) Better image handling possibilities with <cfimage> tag

9) Better file handling with new tags

These are some of the few which were mentioned. I thought I would share this with you guys. You can visit the atlanta coldfusion groups website ACFUG here.

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