Subversion, TortoiseSVN, SVN, SVN for Dreamweaver Information

I use Subversion with TortoiseSVN which is a Windows like interface for performing all the subversion commands. My environment is like this :
Dreamweaver & Eclipse for development i.e locally, TortoiseSVN installed locally and subversion is in on the server machine where the code resides lets say Dev machine.

I am using TortoiseSVN 1.3.2, Build 5840 - 32 Bit for Subversion 1.3.0. I dont know if you were asking for SVN for Dreamweaver which is a plugin which gives the functionality to use subversion commands from Dreamweaver. Clarify this since SVN, Subversion, SVN for Dreamweaver can get confusing sometimes.

Helpful links:
If you are familiar with subversion and new to installation of Subversion and/or TortoiseSVN, I would definitely recommend this site

Personally, I didnt like the SVN for Dreamweaver because it didnt look very professional to me. I mean ease of use and functionality wise. I love TortoiseSVN a lot and it works great. The best part is that if you like working in Eclipse, you can use this plugin/extension called Subclipse. I found that using Subversion commands thru Subclipse is the fastest/efficient way of doing things even though I use Dreamweaver a lot. When I am coding in Dreamweaver and after saving changes to the code, I go to dev directory and use TortoiseSVN commands to commit files. You dont have to do all this if you have Subclipse plugin installed in Eclipse. You can commit your changes within eclipse IDE.

umm. what else... For starters, good doc on subversion is here and for TortoiseSVN its here.

Keep checking Ajas Mohammed blog for more information about Subversion, Eclipse, Subclipse etc.

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