Dreamweaver CS4 - Cool Stuff - Share My Screen - Code Split - View Related files


I just ended up installing DW CS4 and I noticed some cool features.

1. Go to File Menu, and select Share My Screen.
Within minutes after you install Adobe Connect Plug In and the user you invite installs the plug in as well, you will be able to share screens.

It just took me and my co-worker(thanks MJ), 2 minutes to test this feature.

2. Another feature. Code Split. You can split the code into 2 parts, so you could be scrolling the code in top section and view the top part or any part at the bottom view. To do this, in your DW, on the very top next to where Menu ends, there is a layout button. If you click on that, you will see different options and one of them is split code.

3. The one I really like the most is the *View Related Files*. We have several includes in our coldfusion code and this features lets me see all the files that are related to this cfm template.

I will update this post later.

Till then,



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