iphone 4 ipod touch Change Delete Edit Update wifi wireless key wireless password wireless connection wireless network

So I had this problem today where the wireless key had changed for one of the wireless networks I have setup on my iphone 4. So question is how do you Edit or Update or Delete the old wireless key?

Here is what I ended up doing.

1. Go the Settings, Click on Wi-Fi
2. It will take you to Wi-FI Networks screen. On top you will have Wi-Fi as ON. Just below it you will have Choose a Network... option
3. In my case, since I had to enter the new key for wireless network that was already setup before, I clicked on Other...
4.On the Other Network screen, I entered the name of the wireless network, under security, I made it WEP (mine was WEP,yours could be different), and then I got screen for password or wireless key rather, where I typed in the *new wireless key*. Thats it. I was able to join my existing wireless connection again.

Few other suggestions I found over the net.

1. Go to WiFi Networks and click on arrow next to the wireless network name and choose Forget this network. I didnt try this because the message says, this will make sure iphone doesnt automatically connects to your wireless network everytime it see's it.

2. The other one I found was to reset *only the network settings*. Now in my case I had already setup 3-4 wireless networks and I didnt want to erase them and start over again. So I didnt go this route.

Try it and let me know if it works for you.

Updated on Jan 18 2011. It seems suggestion no.1 i.e. forget this network also works. You do that and next time click on network name to connect and iphone / ipod touch will ask you for the network key password.



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iphone 4 ipod touch Change Delete Edit Update Delete wifi wireless key wireless password wireless connection