Dreamweaver 8 Export Import Multiple Site Definitions in less than 5 minutes.

Exporting or Importing Site Definitions in Dreamweaver is important if you have a lot of sites and if you want to setup new environment. This tutorial will help you get it done in less than 5 minutes.

Open Dreamweaver, Go to Site Menu, Select Manage Sites option. You will see the list of sites you have configured in your DreamWeaver editor. Select the site which you want to export the site definition of, and select the button Export from list of options. It will ask you to save the site definition as a nameoffile.ste file. Save it at a convenient location.

For importing, do the same steps as above, except that you will select IMPORT button instead of export button. Select the location of *.ste file and you will have site definition setup in your new environment.

Tips & Tricks : Lot of people want multiple sites to be imported and the trick for this is that when you are exporting, hold the CNTL key and select all the sites you want or need in new environment. Hit export button and Dreamweaver will ask you to save the site definitions of each individual site one at a time. This way, you dont have to keep on exporting one site at a time. Thats it you are done.

Now when you want to import, just follow the steps I mentioned above and select all site definitions or only the ones you are interested in and Dreamweaver will import it for you.

I hope it helps.


ECM said…
e doesnt let you simply hold the control key down, well DW 2004 doesnt anyway )
Allen Borza said…
Worked for me like a dream, thanks!

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