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Tarek said…
Al Salamu Alaiku

Happy Eud to you. I've seen your post about using SAML with your custom Web Application. So I'd like to know if you have succeeded in implementing SAML there. Also I want to ask you the following.

- Do you know if there is a list of servers and applications that support SAML? Also is there a list of AAA servers that do support such protocol too.

- As far as I see, it's meant to be used with web applications only, so is there any alternative solutions for non web applications (telnet server for example)?

Ajas Mohammed said…

Yes, I have been successful in implementing SAML. As for your questions, see below :

1. There are some companies out there who provide you SAML solution i.e. as a IDP (identity provider) or as a Source provider.

The ones I came across were

2. Yeah, i have seen SAML for web applications so far but I believe pingidentity has some implementation wherein, you get software/application, which keeps running like a server and listens to the incoming requests.

I dont know the scope of your project, but all this is done using Java api's. Most preferred out there are OPENSAML and Apache XML Security Library.

I hope the information helps.

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