SQL Server Hidden Gem - How to get next value of Identity for a column in a table


This is very nice tip if you ever wanted to find the next value of identity column without doing an insert, I repeat without doing an Insert.

Lets say you have a table named company. Then you would use this command

SELECT IDENT_CURRENT('company') + IDENT_INCR('company')

where IDENT_CURRENT gives the current or last identity value used by that table and IDENT_INCR gives the increment you/anyone had set during creation of table. It could 1, 2 etc depending on your logic.

The other way of finding next value of identity is after an insert statement by using SCOPE_IDENTITY(). You would add 1 or 2 and so on depending on the autoincrement setting you used during the table creation.

Hope this helps.


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