Unable to RDP. Enable Disable Microsoft Terminal Services Client Control mstscax.dll

So today i.e. Aug 17 2009 I was not able to remote desktop to my work computer from home. I am on WinXP Pro SP 2 with Internet Explorer 7 and I was able to remote desktop earlier without any issues.

Today, I was getting the popup message saying you need to install active x control. See below

I knew this had to do with Microsoft Terminal Services Client Control mstscax.dll and you need to enable it for RDP to work. For some reason, Internet Explorer 7, in its manage or enable disable add on feature wont show the Microsoft Terminal Services Client Control mstscax.dll. Here is a way to make it available so you can enable it.

1. When you get the pop up to install active X control as pop up , you get 2 options, Run and Dont run (install or dont install basically). I selected Dont Install. I will tell you later why I picked dont install, so hang on to that thought ;-).

2. Once I selected dont install, I got an small alert box or message info in yellow box from Internet explorer saying click here to enable / disable add on or something like that and had a hyperlink to click on. When I clicked on this hyperlink, the add ons were listed and the Microsoft Terminal Services Client Control mstscax.dll was listed at top as disabled. I enabled it and everything worked after that and I was able to Remote desktop again. Funny but when I was going through Internet explorer options to manage add ons, i was not able to see Microsoft Terminal Services Client Control mstscax.dll either enabled or disabled.

Thats it. Follow this steps and it should work for sure. About the selecting Dont install option, I kept on selecting run or install option but I kept on getting the run active x popup again and again and nothing was getting installed. So when I selected Dont run, luckily everything started working out fine.

Hope this helps.


Ahmad Obay said…
Brilliant!!.. i spent hours looking for this solution... Thanks a lot :)


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