CFSchedule task - how to schedule a job in ColdFusion 7

This article will show how to schedule an automated job in ColdFusion 7 using CF administrator.

Login to CF 7 Administrator and from left hand side, under Debugging & Logging, select Scheduled Tasks Option. Select create new.

Under task name enter a task name, start date enter the date from which you want to start scheduled task, you could set daily or monthly depending on your preference and make sure specify time, in my case i entered 9:00 AM, under URL I entered my url like this,
http://myipaddress/MonthlyReport - DontDelete/R_monthlyreport.cfm where
MonthlyReport - DontDelete is a folder to make sure our report runs without any authentication that is usually specified in Root/Application.cfm. Instead of IPAddress, you could enter a url to a site as well but make sure you have right permissions.

Finally, you could do save output to file and make sure specify the path to output file like this C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\clientname\MonthlyReport - Dont Delete\RepOut.htm

Thats all, and you have an automated coldfusion job scheduled to run.


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