Coldfusion 7 - Accessing images from a network share

So this morning I had an issue where in images were not being displayed. The images are stored on network share on a different machine.

I used this code to make it work, thanks to the help provided by members.

welcome to the test page.....
<cfset theFile = "\\servername\sharename\CF_Chart_Share\test.jpg">

<cfif fileExists(theFile)>

File exists

<cfelse> does not exist


<br><cfoutput>#theFile#</cfoutput> <br>

<!--- we have code in img2.cfm that will get us the image -->
<br><img src="img2.cfm">

The file img2.cfm has the code below

<cfcontent type="image/GIF" file="\\servername\sharename\CF_Chart_Share\test.jpg">

I tried adding the code cfcontent in the same page but that was causing only the image to be displayed i.e. no text was being displayed.

Hope it helps someone.



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