Webex file extension .wrf will not open or rendered by IIS web server

We recently moved our web application to new server and we noticed that the webex files with extension .wrf was not being shown to user or was not being rendered by IIS. So on doing further research, I came to know that we needed to set a MIME type for the wrf extension. The .wrf extension needs to be set to application/octet-stream.

Go to IIS settings, select the website or the web root folder and right click and select properties. Click on HTTP Headers tab and the bottom click on MIME Types button. Click new button and add .wrf in extension and application/octet-stream in MIME Type text box. Click OK and Apply at next screen and you should be done.

After I clicked OK and Apply, the screen Inheritance override was shown. I said cancel to all. Here is some info from IIS help.
If you set or change a MIME type that conflicts with a setting at another node in the hierarchy, you are prompted with an Inheritance Override dialog box where you can specify the nodes to which the new setting applies.

In this Inheritance Override dialog box, I said cancel, but IIS ended up adding this new MIME TYPE setting to all the websites under the root website folder.

If you are using an ISAPI extension to process the file and if you send a request, you would need to add the ISAPI dll to the Web Service Extensions list.

I hope you find this information useful.


VC said…
AWESOME MAN..did help me..thanks!!

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